White After Labor Day? Guess What… You Can Still Wear It

Labor Day is a time to celebrate not working and purging your closet of everything white, right?


Turns out, you can actually still wear white after Labor Day. Furthermore, I can safely assure you that a mob will not form on your doorstep if you decide to throw on a crisp white sweater after September 5th.

Actually, I’m encouraging you to wear white all the way into winter.


Here’s five ways you can do it:

Like a Preppy school boy

Just because you aren’t in school anymore, doesn’t mean that you can’t still look like you’re ready for your very first day of prep school. FYI, the sexy school girl fantasy isn’t just for guys. Girls like the idea of a bad boy being sent off to boarding school in his cute little uniform, too.

Since you’re a bit older now, update your inner prep style to reflect that fact. A fresh monochromatic (all one color) outfit will speak volumes to the fact that you aren’t childish, but you still know you fashion roots.

Another thing that I like about this look is that it is trans-seasonal. Before you freak out, this simply just means that it is made for the interchanging of seasons. While it’s not cold enough to be wearing a full-blown winter coat and long johns, it might start to get chilly at night soon. Throwing on a stylish sweater or sweatshirt over some shorts is the perfect look for when the seasons are switching up their motives.

Like a #Baws

It’s not quite time to be parading flannel around the streets like you are prepared to win a lumber jack contest at any given second. Let’s chill out and transition into that state over the next two months.

With that being said, don’t throw out those white skinny jeans just yet. Mixing them up with a more “fall” looking sweater or long sleeve t-shirt will help you look a little less eager to order a pumpkin spiced latte. This outfit expands more on the idea of utilizing both your summer and fall clothes to create the perfect love child.

This is a boss outfit that shows you have style and you’re bold enough to display it. Plus, it is still light enough to wear on a more warm autumn day. You can’t go wrong here, because it’s sharp, futuristic, and edgy, without being overstated at all. This guy doesn’t look like he’s dressed for any particular season, really. He’s just doing his own damn thing. Follow suit.

Like a Dirty Old Hipster

Are you dying to have people suspect you of being homeless model? Now’s your time to shine! There’s no better way to show off your ability to be kind of dirty looking, but really sexy, than getting into the spirit of giving 0 cares about your fashion sense, while giving all the cares about your fashion sense.

Fall is the perfect time to dust off those beat up $200.00 pair of boots that you bought. They’d look ridiculous in the summer, but now, pair them with a pair of pants that need washing, and a well-fitted t-shirt and you just made yourself look like a dang movie star!

The key to looking like a beat up old hipster, who girls throw themselves at, is actually buying quality clothes. Apathy won’t get you a long way when it comes to fashion. Plus, you’re probably going to wear a piece of this outfit everyday, so you might as well invest in some good stuff.

Like a Stylish Old Hipster

There’s two kinds of hipsters: One’s who appear like they give no fricks and ones who show up like they dang glowed up. If clothes are something that you care about, don’t be scared to put your style on display. Looking good makes you feel great and trust me, with an outfit like this, you’re not going to go unnoticed. If you like standing out in crowds, white pants in fall is the way to do it.

This guy clearly knows what he is doing. He’s paired an vintage-vibe army green top, with some sharp AF white pants. It isn’t a normal color combo that you typically think of for fall, but his accent pieces really help bring everything together. The tan leather belt and interesting sunglasses provide the stepping stones needed to make this a more appropriate fall-flavored look.

Don’t be scared to go against the grain.

Like a confused rockstar

While this outfit is incredibly confusing to me, I think I love it. It took me awhile, and by awhile I mean .07 seconds, to realize what was going wrong here: the hat is idiotic. If you put your thumb on top of Harry Styles’s awful fedora, the ensemble looks killer. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Fedoras are stupid, which is a natural fact of this universe, so if I catch anyone wearing one, I will knock it off your head.

Wearing an old school 90s vibe white sweater with some black rockstar skinny jeans and some nice leather boots is the way to go. I’m all about pairing posh with goth, so don’t be afraid to explore some unusual combinations this fall.

It’s important to remember that style is also about confidence. If anyone starts questioning the reason that you’re not obeying the silly after-Labor Day rule about not wearing white, tell them to F off.

You have my permission.