A Few Quick Tips on How to Develop an Iconic Style

You’d be lying if you said being an icon wouldn’t be cool. While there’s only a select amount of Brad Pitts, John F. Kennedys, and James Deans, you can totally steal their “it” factor, without actually having “it.”

Check out our short list on how to get a look that would have Jay Gatsby’s blessing.

Score Yourself a Babe.

If you’re going to play the part, you got to find a partner in crime that is going to make you look legendary. You don’t think of Brad Pitt without also thinking about Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie. Same thing with the Beckhams.

My history professor/mentor once said, “Marry the woman that is too good for you,” so I’m basically relaying that vital info to you all. The cool guys get the girl, so don’t be afraid to be bold and ask out the girl you think would never like you. Worst case scenario, she says no. Best case, she likes you back and you’ve made it into the big leagues.

Finding a complementary partner who is smarter, kinder, better looking, and loves you for you, is the ultimate iconic life goal look. Love never goes out of style, as stupid/cliche as that sounds. It’s something idolized in our culture, so you’re going to have to play the game a bit. 

Being a player is not really an iconic look. Women will just think you suck.

Do Some Research on the whole bad boy image.

P. Diddy isn’t the only Bad Boy 4 Lyfe. Most iconic dudes in Hollywood have that effortless bad boy look that a lot of girls go crazy for. Myself included.

The best thing you can do to achieve this look is keep it simple when it comes to clothes and spend a nice $60 on a seriously awesome haircut. I swear to God, this look is all in the hair.

Ask your hairstylist to keep your hair long on top, but closely cut on the sides. They’ll know what to do from there. More importantly, watch how they fix your hair with pomade. Then ask if they sell that pomade in the shop. If they do, go ahead and buy some.

You’re going to need it to maintain your bad boy image.

In terms of clothes. Checkout our men’s collection on Trim. From denim shirts, to classic t-shirts, we have everything you need to help you pull off the whole Johnny Depp thing.

Also – go get 5 to 7 tattoos. This might be costly, but it is worth your image.


Sort of.

Don’t be afraid to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Some of us less fortunate ones have to go through what I like to call a “metamorphosis.” Take David Beckham for instance. Once he made it in the big leagues, he got corn rows, diamond earrings, and new teeth. This particular look, while totally culturally appropriated, was one of his most iconic looks. I honestly think people were in shock to see Beckham go from the left picture to the other two.

Beckham had to wait to blossom. Maybe you are the same. Thankfully, not all of us peak in high school. If I get to be half the man David Beckham is for the cost of not being hot until I’m 25, I’ll wait. Please and thank you, sir.

Coming into your own isn’t always an easy process, but it will eventually happen. Feeling comfortable in your skin is the most important thing during the pupa stage. Then, and only then, will you be able to transform into the sexy man you always wanted to be.

Confidence is an iconic look that you can’t buy.

Have a hipster phase and then see what sticks.

Most things hipster are vintage, or at least designed to look vintage. We all go throw a hipster stage. For me, it was an assortment of hats that I never left the house without, a quirky pair of glasses, ripped up blue jeans, and leather jackets.

The leather jackets and ripped jeans have remained a part of my style, but the rest of that crap left the building. We all go through phases, but let’s face it, vintage clothes are kind of the best. Wearing a few pieces will give you an iconic look that’s been around forever.

But be careful! Wearing too many vintage items will have you looking like an Almost Famous extra. There is a point where people are like, “Seriously, dude? Are you in a historical time piece about the 70s?”

A mix of modern and vintage evens everything out.

Keep it classy.

Finally, if demigod Justin Timberlake has taught us anything about life, it’s to always have a good suit and tie for the perfect iconic look. It’s always nice to dust off your black tux for a formal event. Don’t be the hillbilly that shows up to a black tie affair in a linen suit. I swear to God I will punch you in the face.

I feel like I’m about to have the sex talk with someone, but as you become a man, there’s certain things that you are going to feel changing. Like your style from frat boy, to polished businessman. It’s a good thing. Going through that evolution is essential if you are into keeping up a sharp appearance.

Get at least five nice suits.

Remember, you are a beautiful butterfly. And you’re also a firework.

Now, go show them what you’re worth.