Best Places for Young Professionals to Meet Women

These days, meeting someone special can be difficult. As a young professional, it’s hard to get away from work to meet your next partner in crime.

So, what do you do when you’re feeling a bit lonely, but you have no clue where to meet that special someone?  Check out these five places that are perfect for scouting out a new match.

On a Trip

Step away from work for awhile and take a vacation to the West Coast or somewhere else sunny, filled with gorgeous women. You won’t be disappointed in what you will find there.

Having a big night out with some friends is sure to have you catching glances from some beautiful girls out on the town. Let your guard down, sip on some liquid courage, and remember that you’ll probably never see this person again. Makes the possibility of rejection sting a little less.

But, we’re thinking positively. It always feels like when you are just enjoying yourself and relaxing, you end up meeting someone that catches your full interest. More than likely this relationship will be short and sweet, but who’s to say it can’t work?

Just have fun and see where it takes you!

The Internet

The sad truth is that most people meet on the internet these days. Apps like Bumble have made it all too easy to swipe yourself into a first date. Avoid Tinder though, because most women just find it creepy nowadays.

I’ve had several friends who didn’t believe they could actually meet someone this way, but you certainly can. Once I told them to just sign up and see what happened, they were happily surprised at the results.

Dating apps give you the luxury of swiping through those that aren’t exactly catching your eye. It’s almost easier to narrow down your next partner or hookup buddy (sorry, just the honest truth).

This whole setup is ideal for working professionals who don’t have much time to go out and meet people. If work has you stressed and you need some companionship, you’re sure to find at least one person who will meet up for drinks that night.

Easy peasy.


Okay, hear me out on this one. This is an old school method of meeting people, but I know a lot of couples who met at church. Life gets busy with a 40+ hour work week, but there’s always time to keep your spiritual health in check. Many people dedicate their Sundays to this.

You’re probably only going to want to meet a girl at church, if she’s someone that you’re seriously into, though. Otherwise, it’s like hooking up with a coworker, which also known as: the worst idea ever.

If you’re already a member of a church with a couple of cute girls there, there’s nothing wrong in asking one of them on a date.

A. You already know that your belief systems match up in terms of religion, so there won’t be any conflict there. B. Why not? What could it hurt?

I’m not saying that bad people aren’t found in churches, but I do think a lot of people attend church to build their spiritual relationship and grow themselves. Being a part of a church with your significant other is a great way to bond.

On a Night Out

I’ve never been one for pickup lines, but I have watched them work on other women. If you have enough charm and game, then more than likely you can woo someone over a few after work drinks.

Picking up women from a bar seems a bit like a cheap trick, but sometimes cheap tricks are entertaining. If you’re going to do this the classy way, you need to follow a few important rules:

  1. Approach someone with a smile on your face and get ready for a bit of small talk.
  2. Introduce yourself. You’d be shocked at how many guys forget this step.
  3. Compliment her for being funny, her appearance, whatever you have to say. Make an impression.
  4. Ask to buy her a drink, while you are with her. Otherwise… women think about things like roofies.
  5. Flirt your ass off. It’s a fine art, but you need to know how to do it in order to meet someone this way.

If this is your standard method of meeting women, you’re probably good as gold already.

Group Meetup

Are your co-workers always trying to set you up with someone? Blind dates are terrifying, but group dates make things a bit more casual. Agree to go, but only if another couple goes with you. Thankfully, the world of online dating makes for good practice of having no idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

A lot of friend groups meet up for things like trivia night, bar crawls, camping trips, beach days, etc. Join in on the fun and see if there is someone there that you may not know already. Could be the person you’ve been waiting for all along!

Plus, you won’t have to go through the whole awkward ordeal of introducing your new partner to all of your friends. They will already know her, if that’s how you met!

If you haven’t met someone by using one of these methods, you’ve probably been living under a rock the past few years. Which ones do you find the most successful? Let us know, so we can keep fighting the good fight.