Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe: 5 Styles For Summer in the Sand

Ah, summer. What a time to be alive, am I right?

If you haven’t made your way to the beach, what the heck are you waiting for? The palm trees, endless nights, 80-degree weather, and tan, bikini-clad women aren’t going to be around forever. Pack those bags full of some of these stylish ideas meant for a little fun in the sun!

1. Straight to the Cabana

Let’s get real, you’ve been working hard at the office all year and now it’s finally time to let loose for a few days. Indulge yourself in a couple of vices, while you’re on vacation. Life is just better with a mojito in hand, if we are honestly speaking.

After a day full of fun, continue on and head straight to the cabana (hopefully with some hot girls that you met playing volleyball). Bring a casual, loose fitting button down with you, just in case you need a quick cover up. It’ll help with the overall “tousled” effect that you’ll be going for after a lazy/boozy beach day.

Don’t forget to throw a pair of flip flops in your back pack and you’ll be good to go!

2. Striped Sailor

For more in “OMG,OMG tan hunk at 5 o’clock!” news, wear a striped shirt that’ll have her asking when this sailor came into town. Keeping in line with your nautical-themed trip is one of the easiest “beach vibes” style hacks possible.

It’s not exactly like striped t-shirts are few and far between in the summer, so it might be time to take a trip to J. Crew before you leave for the Bahamas. You can grab all the preppy essentials you’ll need in one short trip.

Pair your blue-striped shirt with a brighter color like red or green. It’ll keep you looking a little less boring, adding a bit of flair to a very traditional look.

3. Bright Colors on Deck

Summer is all about having fun, so don’t be scared to get colorful with it! A flashy pair of swim trunks is sure to catch the attention of a lucky lady somewhere on shore.

Over the years, men’s bathing suits have been getting shorter and shorter, showing off a bit of thigh. You want to make sure you ditch the drab 90s dad look. Instead, look into companies like Chubbies and Vineyard Vines, who are known for their above-the-knee, stylish, patterned swim gear. 

Bright colors always look great with a tan.

4. Surfer Style

Going on vacation to catch some waves, dude? Living in California, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a surfer from out of town in the head.

For the ultimate casual look, pack some oversized t-shirts to throw over your baggy swim trunks, made just for surfing. Sporty has always been sexy, so you can’t go wrong with looking like you say words such as “gnarly,” and “sick.”

Reef, Rip Curl, Quicksilver, and Billabong are all classic brands for the basics that you’ll need. Funky board shorts’ patterns mixed with black and white t-shirts makes for one of the easiest packing days ever.

5. Boho Dude

Deciding to go somewhere a bit more sexy, like Cuba? Look the part of an American tourist, by showing off your best impression of Brad Pitt in his late 20s. You know, like circa Meet Joe Black. You’ll have women from all around the world throwing themselves at you.

All that you’ll need for this is access to the sun for a perfect tan, a couple of form-fitting, different colored t-shirts, a stylish pair of distressed jeans, and some Rayban Wayfarers. Hopefully you were born good-looking, too, because that is majorly going to help in your endeavors.

Furthermore, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: get a damn haircut that would make a WWII soldier proud. These guys really knew how to find the right barber. If you are going for the hipstery-look, this is CRUCIAL.

No matter which look you choose, get yourself down to the beach soon. We’ve only got about one more month of paradise left, which isn’t too much! Plan the the vacation that you deserve and show up looking like you know what you’re doing.

Or wear board shorts down to your ankles, what do I know?