Athletic Wear Isn’t Just for Women, Dudes


So many women these days get wrapped up in buying $120 dollar leggings, which really isn’t a guy’s problem (unless your girlfriend has access to your bank account). If anything, it’s a turn on. Or can be. I’ll be careful with that. Sometimes it’s absolutely not a turn on.

BUTT, nevertheless, leggings and other athletic wear can look super sick on a girl. Why should it be any different for guys? Out of all my 26 years on this Earth, guys like it the most when I wear my form fitting athletic clothes.

Here’s a secret: Women like it just as much when a guy also wears clothes that fit his physique.

Seriously, go throw your baggy jeans in the dumpster that they belong in.


Trim supports dude who are part of an active lifestyle. Your clothes should reflect who you are, so finding the right fitting clothes is just as hot as a girl who has a Lululemon obsession.

In the spirit of supporting your active lifestyle and fashion sense, we wanted to provide some active wear dos and don’ts.

DO: Keep this word in mind: ATHLEISURE.

Athleisure is stylish athletic wear that is on the “I can wear that outside and not look like a homeless person” spectrum. Women have mastered this art, but I feel like some men are just now getting a sense of what’s from their old high school gym bag and what’s actually fashionable.


Are you going to meet that chick you met at the bar last night for coffee? Are you picking up groceries? Are you going to the gym in five minutes? Athleisure is mysterious like that. No one really knows.  One thing I do know is that girls love it. Pairing a white or black Trim t-shirt with this look is a no brainer. A baggy-a** t-shirt just isn’t going to cut it for this particular look.

Our form fitting knit hoodie, paired with a white t-shirt are two of the essential ingredients that you’ll need for this style. Otherwise, have fun surfing the racks at TJ Maxx. Trust me, I know a Maxxinista when I see one. It’s like looking at a fake pair of Chanel sunglasses and a real pair and taking about .09 seconds to figure out which one is the fraud. Us women know these kinds of things.

DON’T: Get too Active.

My roommate is a guy and I’ve literally seen him walk out of the house to go meet a girl in what appeared to be full on marathon racing gear. This is socially unacceptable unless you are training for the NFL, so take a quick look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Do I look crazy?” I feel like if this guy would’ve taken five seconds to check himself out before he left, then his date would’ve been more successful.

Look, the 80s and 90s are officially over. 1000%. There’s no reason that you should look like this:

Up and Humming

This is too active. Actually, I’d go as far as to say that this is radioactive. Straight up nuclear warfare on my eyes.

Be normal. Don’t take it to a level that is flat out disturbing.

Instead opt for looking active, but not like you’re about to go run a 20 mile race back into your dad’s closet. There’s a time and place for that at a costume party, not on your first date with someone.

DO: Stay Away From Looking Like a Weirdo

Don’s Auto Body

Okay, so he looks like he just got back from the Matrix. He obviously took the both the red pill and the blue pill on this one, because homeboy is in a state of complete ignorance, while also embracing the painful reality that he will never be a cool guy.

DO: Substitute this look for something more along these lines:


It still matches, but you don’t look like a 2004 edition of a Ken doll.

This dude looks sharp in his form fitting sweatpants, sweatshirt, black leather high tops, and black leather bag. Think less lime green and more actual normal solid colors like white, black, gray, charcoal, navy, etc.


^ Example of a cool guy.

DO: Wear Form Fitting Clothes

Look, there is nothing wrong with showcasing the body that you’ve been working for. We specifically designed the clothes at Trim to fit guys with athletic body types, because no one likes hiding behind a thick layer of clothes (unless you’re in Alaska during a winter storm).

Wearing athletic wear is not showing off. It’s showing that you’re confident in your body and you have a healthy amount of self-esteem.

Yoga pants are no different than a guy who wants to wear something that also compliments his assets that he’s worked hard for.

The goal is to look like you’re trying, but no trying too hard.

Create looks that speak to your confidence, work ethic, and athletic side. Gone are the days of giant t-shirts and baggy sweat pants. It’s time to put some style into your “slouchy” style. It’s great for people like me, who genuinely hate wearing jeans.

Dress to impress and you’ll be successful in your endeavors – whether that’s potatoing around on the couch, or taking a girl out on a brunch date.