A Short List of Things You Can Do with Your Partner to Stay Healthy

Keeping yourself fit is not only great for you, but it’s also great for your partner as well. Couples who encourage each other to stay healthy are more likely to be happier. Just think about it, less toxins in your body, better eating habits, and a solid release of endorphins every day.

Naturally if you look and feel amazing, that reflects on how you treat the people closest to you. Why not make a pact with your partner to go along this journey together?

Here’s a few ways that you can keep your mind and body healthy with your significant other:

1. Eat right.

Let’s be honest, Cheetos and Mountain Dew are more easily accessible than a bell pepper. You can’t go to a gas station and pick up a pack of hummus and carrots for a road trip. That’s a fantasy world for Granolas.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of junk food are capitalizing on devaluing your overall health. Instead, stick it to corporate America by supporting local farmers. There’s plenty of people who are able to live solely off of organic food. Yes, it more expensive, but we are talking about your health.

If you and your partner agree to stop eating like sh*t, you should also try to hold each other accountable to this. It’s a two way street, but sometimes you’re going to need a bit of direction. It can be incredibly hard to put down the Barber’s Ice Cream. We’ve become addicted to sugar and extra additives, but a good cleanse will have you never wanting to go back to your old ways.

With that being said, live by the cheat day rule, or you will one day find yourself in the bottom of a pack of Oreos. It’ll be ugly, terrifying, and disturbing.

Don’t make your partner feel guilty for falling off the wagon either. It happens to normal humans. Just try to help them attain their goals, if you’ve both agreed to get on a health kick!

2. Get outdoors.

If you’re into outdoor adventures, taking a hike with your lova from another motha is a great idea. It keeps you fit, you’re gonna feel the Bern the next day, and I don’t know… it’s kinda romantic, okay!?

No matter what state you’re in, there’s places to hike that are off the beaten path and gorgeous. Well, maybe except Idaho. I’ve never been there, but all I imagine is fields of potatoes. That could be kinda cool though, who knows? And potatoes are sort of healthy, right?

I’m lucky enough to live in California and I swear to God all people want to do here is hike. It’s a huge first date thing here, so it makes sense that a couple who starts off that way is going to keep that tradition going. Although, I’d probably never accept going on a first date with someone who has complete access to me alone in the woods. Yikes.

Regardless, if you’ve been together for awhile and you trust that your significant other doesn’t have some serious murder vibes written all over them, hiking is a great way to stay fit.

If you really wanna pull out the stops, bring some tea light candles and set them up by your tent for the night (again, this is not happening for me, because… mountain lions. But you should totally try it).

3. Go to the gym together.

K, the picture above is ridiculous, but you get the point. And if you are this couple, you probably need therapy for codependency issues. Like, give me some space, boo. I’m sweating like a freak. Also – look at the guy’s face. He’s about to give himself a hernia, just for bae’s attention.

Working out is vital for good health. Duh. But most people are like, “I’d rather Netflix and chill.” Instead, try to get your partner to help keep you on a work out regiment before or after work. It boosts your energy, keeps you feeling great, and makes you look FIONE.

Some people don’t need another person to help motivate them to go to the gym, but personally, I like it. It doesn’t mean that we have to be doing side by side squats, ’cause that’s weird AF. We can just go to the same gym, do our things for 30 or 40 minutes, get out of there, and make a healthy dinner.

Motivating your partner to be a better version of their current self is always a good thing. As long as you’re not the pushy, psycho-boyfriend, who demands no carbs and a 6-pack year round. Those guys suck and have Daddy issues.

4. Encourage one another.

Let me stress that during this whole process of being in a relationship, you should be encouraging and motivating one another. Acting as a support system on those extra stressful days reveals what kind of partner you really are.

In general, I think in order to have a healthy relationship, you should be your partner’s number uno supporter, as they should be yours. If they want to take on developing a new business, going back to school, or changing careers, you should be there for them. Big life changes and even small life changes can be incredibly difficult and stressful to get through alone.

That’s where you come in.

Get to know your partner. Sometimes being supportive is simply being a shoulder to cry on. It can be as simple as lending a listening ear. Depending on who your boyfriend or girlfriend is, it can be giving them some space. Everyone wants support in their own way and it’s important to listen to that as time goes on.

Also notice when your partner isn’t being supportive of your dreams or endeavors. Are they controlling? Are they trying to hold you back from doing something that you love? If so, you need to get that person out of your life, because that crap isn’t healthy for anyone.

5. Have a lot of sex.

Look, this is the fun part of every relationship. It burns calories and it’s honestly a blast. If you haven’t tried it, you probably should. Except if you’re like the .02% of the population who waits until they get married to have sex. Then you should probably not listen to me, because I will corrupt you.

I’m not relationship therapist, but if you aren’t having a healthy amount of sex with your partner, then something is way off. Sex keeps you happy and healthy and it’s a really cool benefit of being with someone. If you aren’t cashing in on that check, then things might be way wrong.

I haven’t had like a real boyfriend in about 902 years, so I don’t really know what to tell you in terms of how much sex you should be having, but my educated guess is AT LEAST 4-5 times a week. I get it, some days you are tired and the whole concept of having to do any work sounds exhausting, but it’s going to make you feel great and way happier than before.

Well, unless you are trying to fill a deep void within your soul. Then sex is a like a really bad idea and you should probably not be in a relationship at all. Go handle your problems, okay?

Orgasms (gasp! I said it) release endorphins, which make ya mood go from 0 to 100. Cool science fact about your body: One sexual encounter burns between 70-100 calories. That’s almost a damn hour on the treadmill.

Now, I’ll leave you to it.