5 Men’s Summer Fashion Looks That Aren’t the Romphim (Romper for Men)

By now, you’ve probably heard of the latest men’s summer fashion trend: the Romphim (men’s version of a romper). While it’s mostly a joke for frat boys to wear during a long day of day-partying, some guys are seriously into these things.

The Romphim might be getting some buzz right now, but for all the wrong reasons. Don’t even try it. It’s disturbing on so many levels, especially considering that men’s summer fashion is so incredibly sexy this year.

Save yourself a camel toe and check out these stylish summer looks that won’t compromise whatever dignity you have left.

^ Broworthy romper? No, thanks.

1. 40s tropicana, or nah?

There’s something about a modern man in vintage resort wear that makes me have some serious feelings. This guy isn’t your traditional Leave it to Beaver, but he looks damn good trying.

For a weekend in paradise, channel your inner grandpa. If you’re going to vacation somewhere cool, you need to look the part.

These type of clothes are made for island life, total relaxation, and cutting romantic glances between strangers. I guarantee if you are off to the Bahamas for a week and you show up in something like this, you’re leaving with a new boo or making your current one swoon so hard, she’ll fall off the cruise ship.

2. groovy, baby, yeah!

I’m not the biggest fan of One Direction and I’m guessing that you’re not either, but I can’t help but notice how epic Harry Style’s fashion sense is. He is killing it. Every thing he wears is edgy, 70s rock n’ roll, and just so far ahead of everyone else. I’m taking notes, so you probably should be too.

Recently, I saw him on The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which the host commented on his ability to pull off any outfit. He had him try on a ton of ridiculous clothes, but he still looked cool as a cucumber. His zero f*cks attitude and refusal to be embarrassed by trying new fashion completes whatever he is wearing.

Try something out of Harry’s groovy closet for summer, like a bold printed-pattern button down. Floral is making a huge comeback, just saying.

3. Havana nights

I’m planning a trip to Cuba this summer and I can’t help but to be obsessed with the sharp, sleek vintage vibe that is brought to life there.

If I was in Cuba and saw this man, he would be my salsa dancing partner for the next five days straight. He looks like he’s about to join a stylish bad boy bowling league and I like it.

I love the simplicity of well designed clothes. To me, it’s all about the lines and angles of what your wearing and how it fits your body. Form fitting tailored pants with an airy vintage throwback shirt from the 50s, paired with some retro glasses, is the perfect look for summer.

4. 90s Prep and Chill?

This model looks like he’s half Wrangler ad from the 90s, half rich prep from the coast of Maine. I like how novel this particular style is. It’s weird, but it works.

To me, summer fashion is about trying bright colors and maybe styles that aren’t a part of your day-to-day routine. Think about it, there’s plenty of parties, fun events, and breezy days down by the beach. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Warning: something truly 20 or 30 years old will not fit this way. Invest in a good tailor who can cheaply bring you into the 2010s. I have several friends who wear a lot of vintage and they swear by having a go-to tailor on hand. You want to make sure you’re not looking slouchy in all the wrong places. No one wants to look like Ross from Friends.

5. brb, Heading to the Panama Canal

The 70s vibe is really coming through in fashion right now, so dare yourself to get into flares and florals.  This guy is a little over-the-top, but you get the point. I really like the pattern on his shirt and the summer/autumn look that he’s going for. The matching leather in the shoes and belt really are the perfect accessory, since most men don’t want to carry a purse.

Khaki pants have never been my favorite on guys, so I think this would look better if it was paired with some dark denim. Plus, who in the hell rolls up their pants that high? He looks like he just went through a growth spurt.

Otherwise, this dude is ready for a tropical adventure ASAP. Might I add, all within the comfort of not having a Romphim up his butt for 9 hours in the rainforest.