6 Fall Accessories That Dudes Should Own This Instant

From watches to scarves, men’s fashion is all about the accessories this fall.

I know guys every where are rolling their eyes like this is some kind of ungodly burden, but extra pieces can make a drab outfit go from 0 to 100 real quick. 

Isn’t this what we all want out of life?

Listen here, and see what I’ve cooked up for you:

1. Cool, but Not so Flashy Watch

Sure, Rolexes are cool, if not only for their name sake, but I think lesser known watch brands are also awesome. For instance, Daniel Wellington watches are extremely affordable, while also sleek enough to look sharp. You won’t find anything fancy about this design, but sometimes simplicity is necessary.

In particular, the variations of leather colors are gleefully wonderful for fall. I love how this rose gold pulls from the gorgeous tan band.

See for yourself on their website, where you can find an endless amount of cool watches within the $100-$200 range.

D&W CLASSIC | 36MM DURHAM – danielwellington.com

2. ESSENTIAL fall Boots

No look is complete this autumn, without a sick pair of leather boots.

Frye really sunk the ship on their sponsored music festival earlier this year, but it doesn’t mean that their products suck. To be perfectly honest, they have great-quality leather boots. While they might be on the expensive side, these are an investment that you can wear year round.

You’ll definitely end up keeping a pair in your closet for years to come, because they go with literally everything and things like these don’t go out of style. The whole “vintage/destroyed” market isn’t going anywhere any time soon, I can tell you that much.

Frye sells online and at nearly every department store, so if you’re interested, head to your friendly neighborhood Macy’s or visit their website.

FRYE Everett Lace Up – 6PM.COM

3. Tan Leather Belt

Every man needs a tan leather belt in their closet. Being that I’m a girl, I can’t say that I know much about excessive belt wearing, because most of the time, my skinny jeans barely leave any breathing room, but I have noticed that men wear belts as part of their every day routine.

Shower –> Underwear –> Pants –> Shirt –> Belt –> Shoes.

Damn, I wish it was this simple for me in the mornings. I’d be wearing all the belts in the world, if so.

So, being that your a dude reading this, I guess this means that you need a solid belt that will match with everything. For fall, try an aged-looking tan leather belt. This will become your new best friend over the next several months.

Justin Men’s Tailgunner Leather Belt – Shelpers.com

4. Shades to Block Out Fall Haters

Let’s slowly back away from the trend of mirrored lens sunglasses. I was seriously over this look about five years ago and you should be too. Sure, they are great for summer and 2009, but it’s fall and 2017 now. It’s time to sell those on Poshmark to someone who is living in Staten Island.

Instead, opt for something a bit more classic like a good pair of Raybans. If you’re anything like me and you need something a bit more on the cheaper side, but you’re still looking for great quality, Urban Outfitters sells their sunglasses for around $15-$20, and they actually look good.

Plus, if you sit on them, you don’t have to worry about destroying a $400.00 pair of glasses with your butt. Pretty cool, right?

Time to start weaning yourself off summer trends of years past.

Ray-Ban 4253 – Macys.com

5. Scarf me

Some men are terrified to venture into scarf territory, but I say embrace your masculinity and get in touch with your accessorizing side. These beauties look great with a peat coat or cardigan.

And, they’re kind of like a little neck companion.

So much for being alone forever!

Try them in prints, plaids, or solid colors. It doesn’t really matter, but a couple of these babies are great to have laying around if you need to quickly spruce up your boring old outfit.

Scarves don’t discriminate, being that they fall across the style spectrum. From dirty old hipster to posh rich guy, grab a scarf today and see where it takes you!

Men’s Blue-Brown Double-Faced Wool Scarf – Brooksbrothers.com

6. Travel Bag


Nothing screams out “I’m a stylish, cool, hip traveler!” like an aged-to-perfection leather travel bag. My dad got one of these and literally thought he had just been crowned the King of Style. It was kind of annoying seeing how much better his luggage was than mine, so I highly encourage buying one of your own.

Sure, backpacks are easy to travel with, but they certainly aren’t a chick magnet.

^Swish, swish, bish.

Avoid becoming the next Backpack Kid, unless your body shape resembles a celery stick. Instead, man up and get you a bag that reflects the fact that you’re a stylish man.

Because you are.

And you’re handsome, too.

– Said every woman ever, after you get these accessories.

Everett Vintage Briefcase Bag – BuffaloJackson.com