5 Fashionable Styles That’ll Have You Thinking You’re Back in the 90s

Welcome back to the 90s. Apparently our generation missed the first decade that we grew up in so much that we’ve decided to bring it back to life through fashion.

Here’s five looks that will get you started looking like your inner Justin Timberlake circa 1996.

1. Typical 90s stoner


As a 90s baby, you’re required to know who Kurt Cobain is and then idolize him for at least one year. Seriously, it’s a rite of passage for our kind. If you haven’t already went through a stoner/band dude stage, now is a great time to do so, because it’s super fashionable.

Like, ultra.

Add a grungy flair to your outfit with a vintage Levi’s denim jacket and a casual t-shirt underneath. I’m not totally digging that turtleneck, but by God if you think you can pull a turtleneck off as a guy, then I have mad respect for you.

The model’s simple striped collared shirt is enough to have me raging out at a Backstreet Boys concert. Because deep down, every girl still wants a 90s boy band heart throb to herself. Why not just go ahead and be that for her?

2. Walking tommy hilfiger billboard


Gigi Hadid’s new fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger has really put this company back on the map. Suddenly they are making clothes that people actually like again. Their advertising is now targeted at the youth of our generation, rather than the retired golfer who resides in Palmdale.

Me, my dad, and my brother all had a matching Tommy Hilfiger ensemble in the 90s, so this is a very nostalgic look for me. I love that it’s back in all of its boldness.

While their giant branding is obnoxiously placed in the center of peoples’ chests, they are doing a killer job of making the 90s come back in style.

Because this totally wouldn’t have been cool a few years ago.

3. Justin Bieber is to Blame for this one.

Say what you will about The Biebs, but he brought Calvin Klein back into the future. Their series of ads with JB had girls going goo goo for a man in Calvin Klein undies. Even SNL did a skit bringing attention to their branding. It was making fun of Bieber, of course, but still it had people refocusing back on one of the most classic 90s brands out there.

I remember this exact Calvin Klein logo being worn all over the place back in the 90s. The tiny “C” next to a gigantic “K” makes you think Marky Mark, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio and all the other oldies, but goodies, who were back in their prime back then.

I’m having some serious 90s vibes right now.

CK is very Winona meets Johnny. I love that they brought back their old school branding, rather than going with a new logo. It’s simple, but cool. Most importantly it’s iconic. 

Fashion doesn’t need to be too complicated. Keep what’s good for years to come and trash the rest. 

4. 90s Jacket that smells like teen spirit


I feel like a lot of guys probably don’t know about Etsy.com, but I’m here to tell you about it, so you can find some really cool vintage items. Etsy is basically an online craft, antique, and vintage shop combined into one. You can find some really killer vintage items on this site.

One of which is a varsity style jacket. This will become an essential to your wardrobe in the coming months. These babies are coming back in style at 90 mph.

This vintage Patriots jacket is a great example of what you should be looking for. It screams 90s, but also, “Oh, this is really cool and vintage, too.”

Old sports clothing memorabilia is in stores everywhere right now, but I say get your butt to a thrift store or start looking through Etsy in order to find the real deal. You can also save a lot of money this way. Otherwise, you’re going to be buying a brand new “vintage” jacket.

Uh, no thanks.

5. Birkenstocks: Debatable

Finally, this is one that I struggle with on a daily basis. Are Birkenstocks cool again? This is a serious question. I’m not really sure and it’s upsetting me. Actually, it’s bringing back childhood trauma.

In 3rd grade, my mom refused to shell out $100.00 for a pair of cool kid Birkenstocks for me. I’m not talking about the ones in the picture above. I’m talking about the ugly ones that looked like a leather pair of Crocs.

Instead, I got a pair of Fakeinstocks, as my dad called them. I wore them with shame and the hopes that no one would notice they weren’t the real deal.

Needless to say, I was more than thrilled when they started to go out of style. But now, I’m back to being haunted by the memory of my Fakeinstocks, since it seems like everyone has them again now.

Now that my mom doesn’t dictate what I wear, I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of Birkenstock sandals. They look great on guys and girls and they are incredibly comfortable. I have the feet of a 90-year-old woman, so I’m all about the Granny shoes.

Either way, slide into a pair of Birkenstock sandals (only these are the cool ones) and relive your childhood trauma every time you glance down at your feet.