The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide Part 1 (- $50)

Christmas. Just the word fills you with joy, delight, excitement, and the most intense anxiety you’ve felt all year. Let’s be honest; we all love Christmas. What’s not to love? The food…just, wow. Giving people you like some cool s&*t– always fun. Decorations and people generally being stoked because they get some time off later in the month? Freaking great. And of course the end of the month you have New Years Eve, an opportunity to stress about wtf you’re gonna for that holiday. But this post is about Christmas. And what the hell you’re gonna do about it.

Essentially, we are giving you a gift guide. Every year, with me especially, I draw a total blank on what to get the dudes in my life. Dad, brothers, friends, etc– dad especially though. Every Christmas I’m asking friends and family about if he’s mentioned anything he might want. Forget asking them, it’s either “I don’t need anything” (c’mon, you can’t just not get your dad something) or “I don’t know…I could use new socks.” Let’s face it, we aren’t boring dudes so plain white socks to match with their K-Swiss tennis shoes just isn’t gonna cut it. Plus, it’s always the men who have no idea what they want…ladies are way better at having some kind of idea.

So, after scouring the internet, here are some of our favorite unique gift ideas for the dad(s), brothers, & friends in your life. We tried to keep is as cheese-less as possible and primarily include gifts they could actually use because we aren’t assholes. Continuing on…

We will start the series with the smaller gifts  $0 – $50.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterLifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Everyone has a guy in their life who is THE outdoor guy. They have the best Yeti water cooler, the top of the line backpack, and shoes that cost more than your car (just kidding). The one thing they may not have is–essentially–a water purifying straw. It reduces 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and lasts up to 1000 liters of uses. Easy buy.

Bristle Free Grill Brush
bristle brush
Who doesn’t grill? Seriously? This brush takes out the risk of bristles getting in your food, scratches to your beautiful egg, lasts longer than regular brushes, and won’t make your hand look like you were trying to get fresh with Wolverine.

Whiskey Wedge
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.30.19 PM
Purely novelty but entirely badass, a cool alternative to the whiskey rocks that everyone and their brother’s dentist has. Silicone ice mold that people will be endlessly impressed with.

Kyoku for Men Eye Fuel
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.32.43 PM
Bags under the eyes happen to chicks and dudes. Women have plenty of creams and gels and usually I feel kind of weird indulging in a product so clearly aimed at women. But lo! Finally a cream comes along that assists specifically guys who suffer from bags under the eyes and it the packaging makes us feel good about it. Awesome.

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.36.50 PM
More gifts for the cooks out there. Tasty, easy to use, and can be put on the grill or in the oven. It can also be chilled if you’re serving sushi, you classy devil, you. Cleaning is a breeze with a damp sponge is all you need as it is naturally antibiotic.


Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.40.34 PM
Another novelty but badass gift idea for the man’s man in the family or friends group. Comes with 4 vials of toothpicks, 12 in each vial. You could even break them up, if you’re heart desired.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.56.31 PM
Which family member is it that is always losing their keys? This little ditty should absolutely help get you brownie points and prevent that family member from being late and pulling out their hair (or at least whats left of it, in some cases).