Talkin’ Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Style with Clinical Nutritionist and Bearded Bada**, Justin Janoska

Upon first glance, Justin Janoska looks like the friend you’d want to have on your side during a bar fight. The dude is a straight up beast. But there’s a lot more to this guy than just his shredded body, perfectly sculpted beard, and impeccable style.

We sat down with Justin to learn more about how he is changing the way nutrition, health, and fitness are perceived. He also graciously gave us a few tips about body positivity, confidence, and style.

Read what Justin has to say about these 10 topics that we threw at him!

So, Tell Us About Yourself:

I am a certified Clinical Nutritionist who holds a Master’s in Human Nutrition from The University of Bridgeport. I’m Precision Nutrition certified and also a NASM certified personal trainer. My passion lies in functional medicine and orthomolecular nutrition.

As an undergraduate student, I studied visual arts, but as I became a “starving artist,” I simultaneously developed a passion for fitness. This led to me getting certified as a personal trainer to make ends meet. I quickly realized that this was something I was much more interested in, so I enrolled in grad school. I now specialize in hormone dysregulation, autoimmune diseases, chronic gut health issues, and performance.

Fitness and nutrition only take up a fraction of my daily life. Outside of this, I am an avid guitar player, poet, writer, and painter. I thrive on spontaneity and going on new adventures, because how is life exciting otherwise?

Realizing PurposE – Not the Justin Bieber Kind:

I find myself living in a world with a broken medical system that’s governed by allopathic medicine, which does nothing to address the root causes of patient’s issues. It instead puts a Band-Aid over their problems.

There’s a plethora of people in this country who serious help with their chronic, debilitating ailments. My incentive to wake up with purpose stems from this dire need, in which I’m grateful and motivated to continue in my pursuit to provide my services as a clinical nutritionist.

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Why Studying Health is Important:

Have you seen the epidemiological evidence for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and autoimmune disease? Every year it’s slowly escalating and it’s not by accident. Our agricultural system, our environment, and our way of living have all contributed a health crisis in this country. We live in a society that treats rather than prevents these problems.

I seek to change that.

If we can start to act in a way that is a bit more health conscious – making more sound dietary choices, exercising more consistently, creating stronger relationships with people and ourself, sleeping better, reducing daily stress and having a healthy spiritual, sexual and emotional life, we have already made huge strides in taking preventative health measures, and preventing risk for disease.

I think that’s a pretty good reason for caring about health.

Challenges in Fitness and Health:

In medicine, it’s overcoming the resistance from some narrow-minded doctors when trying to help out a client.

In fitness, it’s showing young people that life doesn’t revolve around diet and the gym, but the other way around. It’s teaching the fitness community that it’s okay to be imperfect, it’s okay to feel sadness, and it’s okay to think radically. It’s to express compassion. It’s to embrace size diversity and stop all this body shaming our society participates in.

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Being Healthy on a Daily Basis:

Just breathe. We do it to sustain life. Easy enough, right?

It’s the simplest act that no one knows how to do. What I mean is that because we have so many daily stressors that we believe that unmanaged stress is the norm.

Consequently, stress causes shallow, short breathing patterns. This has a profound impact on the nervous system and ultimately, contributes to poor digestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, IBS, inflammation, emotional distress, and poor movement mechanics.

If we can take brief pauses in our daily lives to meditate and breathe in and expire our air in a deliberate and slow rhythmic pattern, we have dramatically curbed the repercussions of poor breathing and stress.

Exercising Practicality:

In all seriousness, it has to be the deadlift. It’s the most practicable exercise that carries over to real life. For instance, you’ll need to bring that package into the house eventually. Deadlifting helps strengthen the muscles that we use to carry weight.

It also stimulates the most muscles during a workout, which means you are growing more muscle, getting stronger, and increasing your metabolic rate.

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Underrated Health Tip:

Stress reduction, 110%.

Marriage mayhem, financial woes, poor relationships with coworkers, distrust about the future, and other problems have an extraordinary impact on your health, despite whether or not you are health conscious.

I’ve seen that people who report these life problems while still eating and exercising appropriately have the greatest distressing symptoms: constipation (a big sign of high stress, by the way), migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, and peripheral pain.

Point being, I’d rather see a client have all of these aspects of life improved first before diving into a paleo diet.

Defining Confidence:

Stand by your values, fight for what you believe in, defend your close friends and family, and support the ones you love, even when they aren’t around you. Boldness and self-assurance equates bravery.

Crush your long-term goals with firm resolve, disallowing anything to get in your way. Become an unstoppable force that is fueled by self-improvement and bettering your character.

Your Clothes Matter:

Wearing saggy, unfitted, hideous clothes that don’t accentuate your strong points, doesn’t translate as confidence. People gain a sense of your personality just from a quick glance. First impressions count.

When you wear clothes that fit your unique body type and shape, you deliver more confidence in the way you speak and handle situations. Presenting yourself as a stylish, respectable man, helps to exude confidence during crucial moments.

On Style:

Style is having an appearance that corresponds with your preferences, behavior, and lifestyle. It’s about owning a look that you are proud of, while not being rattled by anyone’s opinion. Style is defined as identifying with a look that enables you to be confident in what you do daily. It allows you to be the most presentable version of yourself.

Personally, I feel like I live in gym clothes a lot of the time, since I work at home. When I’m out informally, I keep things casual, but fashionable. I prefer wearing highly fitted jeans, like J. Lindeberg, and fitted t-shirts, from Trim. Ted Baker’s line of shoes also goes with the look that I am after.

Nothing I wear is gratuitous, it’s all there for a reason.

No matter what your style is, you’ve got to own it and not care what anyone else thinks. Be you and be confident in that.

-Justin Janoska

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We want to thank Justin for this amazing interview on style, health, wellness, and fitness. Be sure to follow him on social media for more tips on these topics!

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