Style for the Modern Man figure out your style

One of the challenges men face today is figuring out their own style—A style that is unique, that may not necessarily fit everyone else, but is appropriate for who they are and how they need to live and work. Style really starts from the inside and how a man thinks and feels about himself.  It starts with confidence. Every man wants to be confident. We all know deep within that how we look and whether we feel good about the way we look affects our confidence. Our confidence is everything. A man with greater confidence can accomplish almost anything in life when he sets his mind to it.

This is where Trim steps in. We know that, as men, when we walk out the door and look good, we feel good. We then are able to accomplish our mission in our work and life with greater energy, effectiveness, and strength.

So, What does a modern gentleman of impeccable style look like? What does it feel like? We are going to break it down into five archetypes. Some of you may fall in one category over another, but you can fit in the different archetypes for different scenarios. There aren’t necessarily wrong styles for a man, but there CAN be if you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit or don’t look right on you.

The 5 main archetypes we want to hit on are the following:

The Classic

This is a polished, clean cut, and refined style. A little bit “All American” but still has some creativity in it. You may have the button up shirt, sports coat, the nice slacks or jeans or maybe even a suit. You can have some creativity or edge with this as you can with anything. If this is more your style and where you feel more confident and more comfortable and more in the zone, then live here.

The Edge

Often you see artists, entertainers, or athletes wear more extravagant, unique clothing. The Edge is when you want to be a little bit bolder, a little more unconventional. I have some of these pieces in my collection. I have these really unique jeans from Hugo Boss I rock sometimes or some edgy boots. I encourage most men to have a few pieces like this because it brings an element and dimension of depth. When you go into certain settings and when you are wearing something unique, something remarkable, it can often be a conversation piece and it gives you a more distinctive image. The artist or entertainer often will live in The Edge more in their regular day more than a business professional.

The Casual

This is the guy wearing some of his favorite clothing—rocking some jeans, a T-shirt, flip flops, or his favorite denim shirt. He is relaxed. He is comfortable in who he is, comfortable in his own skin and this radiates from him. Not a care in the world for this man, he is ready to enjoy the day in comfortable style.

The Rugged

This style conjures up that this is a tough man, built for the outdoors.  Minimal frills, just ruggedness. This look can be a way to express a man that is ready for an adventure at any time. A man willing to work with his hands, who can fix anything, and still look great. He thinks, “I’m a man and I’m happy about being a man. I don’t have to dress to impress anybody.” When in actuality, done the right way, is impressing others.

The Hipster

A variety of looks within this that can blend with some of the others like the classic, but usually well put together, often tastefully accessorized.  Skinny jeans are often prominent, as well as bowties, rolling your jean cuffs, and a cool bag to carry your up-to-date products and moleskin notebook.

Whichever archetype you most relate with above, you can cross over and take away from each to find your own unique style. One of the cardinal rules that a lot of men unconsciously violate, is to wear clothing that fits right.  You don’t see the models on the designer pages wearing ill fitting clothing.  And we unconsciously recognize and admire a man who’s well dressed, which is often nothing more than him wearing clothing that fits right.  The challenge is most men haven’t been taught to get their clothes tailored or to buy fitted clothing.   And most manufacturers don’t make fitted clothing for different body types, it’s all box shaped, one size for everyone.

That’s why I created this blog, these ebooks, and ultimately Trim, my new fashion line—To help men dress better and be better men.  All of our clothing is going to have an impeccable sport fit (no need for tailoring) and the fabrics have a little stretch to make the clothes incredibly comfortable even though they are fitted.