Soft as a Bunny

Sorry guys, we can’t help ourselves. Trim has some awesome s%*t going on right now and we gotta tell somebody. WE JUST GOTTA. Especially when it has to do with tiny, fuzzy animals with awesome cute names that make you want to look around, make sure no other dudes are watching, and give them a cuddle. Because let’s be serious, real men know how to cuddle (including baby animals).

So, apart from our kickass denim samples with the CR2 dudes, getting some new t-shirts in (SPOILER ALERT: grey shirts!), and some of our awesome inspiration from our favorite stylish dudes (i.e. Antonio Pozo & Chez Rust), we’ve been brewin’ a collaboration with… bunnies. Oh yeah, that’s right. We’re calling it our:

SAAB logo

campaign. What is as soft as a bunny, you ask? Our freaking pullovers. The pullovers don’t hurt any bunnies to create but somehow, as if we were gifted the thread and materials via the gods, it is as soft as a bunny. Like basically imagine this scenario:


Ok so we know if you put the two up to your face (blindfolded) you could obviously tell the difference. Trim’s pullovers aren’t living, breathing items. That would be weird. But they’re as soft! Check out our shoot below and consider: they make great gifts for the dudes who appreciate fashion, fitness, and fit clothing. Christmas is coming. We hate to be that guys but you can’t underestimate serious preparedness.


Bonus behind the scenes shot:smallbTS







I mean. C’mon. It was an awesome day of shooting with Michael G. and the bunny trio courtesy of Bunny Rescue Nashville. There are only a limited quantity available on the site so move quickly while they’re still hot and ready.