Scary Stylish Halloween Costumes for the Man's Man

Halloween parties are a must for all ages. If you don’t go, you’re a total loser and that girl you’ve been wanting to ask out sees you as a total and complete failure. You lose your job because your boss thinks you’re lame. You lose your awesome condo because your landlord won’t rent to a boring yuppie.

Besides 3/4 of the previous paragraph being completely false, what is for sure is some of those Halloween must-go parties are, in fact, costume parties. What do you do if you’re a strapping manly-man? Can’t do Hamburglar, don’t want to be a blow-up sumo wrestler, and forget a Disney prince. C’mon, now. Here is a list we compiled that constitutes as “costume” esque while still being able to maintain your dignity.

  1. The Classic : James Bond
    We don’t care who your favorite Bond is; carry a fake gun, put on your best suit, and you’re basically Sean or Daniel.
  2. Ole P. Bake
    Patrick Bateman. Fake axe, sweet suit, and of course a see through rain coat you can splatter with fake blood. Instant creepy classic!
  3. O, Indiana
    Indiana Jones. If you’re buff and have some extra cash to get a rad vest, a whip, and a hat, you got this in the bag.
  4. Von Brawny Man
    Every man knows that women love the idea of a lumberjack. So, grab your form-fitting flannel, your slim jeans, and a paper towel roll and you’re good as un-single.
  5. The OG cool guy
    james dean2
    James Dean. The simple white t-shirt, leather jacket, slim jeans, and a cigarette just lounging. We call it “the James Dean”. Well, most people do.
  6. Star Lord
    Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel 2014
    Besides Chris Pratt being the ultimate wish-we-could-be-friends Hollywood guy, his outfit for Star Lord rules. Just grab a cool burgundy leather jacket, faded black tee and jeans with a sick Supersoaker painted black may just be what the talking raccoon ordered.
  7. Sherlock Hol-yeah
    If you haven’t seen Sherlock yet (Netflix/BBC) you’re missing out on some awesome TV but also style. All black suit and a peacoat collar turned up could just make you into a winning detective-wannabe.

There you have it, folks. Our top 7. Now get out there and be spooky and stylish.