Las Vegas & fit man fashion

Las Vegas. Terrifying, exciting, busy, jacked, stylish, and able to lift three times its body weight. Well, at least the last three applied to our weekend just a few weeks ago. We got to hang out with the dudes from CR2 Talent as they attended the Mr. Olympia convention in LV.

CR2 is a talent agency full of dudes doin’ the damn thing. All of them are personal trainers, fitness models, and general badasses. VB realizes that it can be a total nightmare to find clothing when you’re like the CR2 team. It’s pretty disheartening when you work out once every day x 28 and you’re unable to wear what you want because clothing nowadays isn’t made for your kind of guy. That’s why we love promoting Trim— because it’s all about fit especially if you’re shaped like that.

So check out our shoot with them & notice the awesome denim & t-shirts the guys are wearing. Tees available now, denim shirts to come.