Change your Clothes, change your life

BY , as featured in: BROBIBLE.COM

Bros don’t know how to dress. It’s a sad fact of life. From ill fitting oversized tee shirts with a frocket to loose fitting pants and the same pair of tennis shoes with every outfit. I don’t think that’s due to lack of caring, though. We all have images of ourselves that we hope to see come true, and more often than not that image involves wearing clothes that look great on us. The problem is most bros don’t know where to start.  It’s tough to find clothes that fit you properly, and if you’re an athletic bro who puts his time in at the gym then this is even more of a problem. Finding clothes that fit well, and also show off your guns isn’t an easy task.

It’s a problem, and it’s something that we as bros need to fix. Which is exactly why I went to someone that knows a thing or two about helping guys dress better. – Michael Zeller, the founder of Trim.

Trim is a men’s apparel company that specializes in making high quality clothes designed specifically for athletic men. Something that bros are sorely in need of.

When it comes to clothes, where do most bros go wrong?

According to Mike, most of us fuck up from the very get go by not paying attention to the fit of our clothes. We’re so conditioned from free t-shirts in college that we could care less if a shirt is baggy around our waist or dwarfs our arms.

At the same time we’re not paying any attention to the types of pants we’re wearing. Most of us are so skinny jean phobic that we don’t even bother with taking a chance and wearing jeans or pants that actually fit us the way they should, which leaves us in pants that are way too baggy, looking like complete jabronis.

And this isn’t okay.

Mike made a great point while we were talking that I think most bros overlook: what you wear and how you wear it affects your psychology. There’s power in looking good and wearing clothes that show that off. And you know it. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing a tailored suit then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s almost like you feel invincible because you just look so damn good.

Even if you’ve never worn a tailored suit, I guarantee there are certain pants or shirts that you wear when you’re really feeling yourself. When you’re heading out and you want to project to everyone that you’ve got it together. And the biggest thing about this is that people notice when you’ve got it going on. Wearing clothes that fit well and look great on you creates social collateral with others. Men or more likely to respect you, and women are more likely to ravish you. Having the right clothes does that for you all the time.

So where should bros start?

Mike says that most guys allow themselves to get too caught up in the details early on. They’re worried about taking risks with their clothes that are way out of their league before ever getting the classics under control and really figuring out their style. You don’t need to start by getting loud shirts or shoes. When you first start paying attention to the clothes you buy you won’t even know what your own personal style is, and that’s okay. That’s why you should start by focusing on buying fewer, but nicer clothes. And make sure those clothes are blend of form and function.

Having 5-6 great t-shirts that are high quality is an excellent place to start. V-necks and crews are versatile, and can help either dress you up or down, depending on what else you’re wearing. Mike also mentions that the right pants can go a very long way. It’s much better to have one expensive pair of jeans than four pairs of cheap jeans. But if you can’t afford to splurge on expensive jeans yet, then at least get your cheaper jeans tailored.

The final point.

When it comes to developing your own personal style you need to be taking a good hard look at who you are, and what you want to project about yourself. A bro who works in finance is going to have a far different style than a bro who works as an artist of some type. This sounds obvious, but more often than not our style is incongruent with who we really are. Your image reflects something about yourself to the entire world, and you want to make sure that you not only control the image that’s being reflected, but that you approve of the image being reflected.