Blazer + Jeans The perfect pairing

So, you read in the title: “Blazer and jeans. Hell yeah, I have both of those things, I’m set!” Before you get too overzealous, when we say blazers, we don’t mean the blazers that accompany your signature groomsmen outfit. Those tend to be extremely dressy and don’t contribute as well to the casual feel with jeans we are talking about. When we say blazers we DO mean the kind you find with patterns, less stuffy materials, and a very tapered fit. So, before grabbing what you got, let’s run down the checklist for what your blazer (and jeans) need to possess before it graces the outfit.

  1. FIT! Fit, fit, fit, fit. Is it too tight or too big? You’ll know if it is too tight if when buttoned, the middle button looks like it could unhinge and gouge someone’s eye out. You’ll know if it’s too big if you can grab at least an inch of extra fabric on the side. If it is too big drop a few bucks to get it tailored. It’s totally worth it, we swear. Fit also applies to the jeans you’re wearing with the blazer. Does it look like you stepped out from the 90’s with them? If so, by now you should’ve somehow realized what you gotta do…and that’s buy a nice pair of slim fit jeans.

    get it? Wonderwall? 

That’s actually pretty much it.

As far as jeans, I’ll give my personal opinion as a stylish female. Here are a few of my favorite jeans which are perfect for blazer pairing.

  1. Black Jeans
  2. Wax-coated jeans
  3. Dark/indigo-washed jeans
  4. Medium to Dark wash jeans (destroyed works too)
  5. Dark destroyed jeans

Light white/beige chinos (if your jeans drawer is looking miserable)
A watch, belt, & leather shoes in a deep to light cognac color (yes please)

So, let’s pair! Check your closet and see what you got. Most of the jeans from above go well with most blazer colors! Yeah, it’s actually that easy. We didn’t add super light jeans to the mix because a lot of the time they aren’t the easiest to pair. So under the blazer, white/black tee or a white, slim-fit oxford pairs the easiest without much thought. Literally- that’s it.. Three essential items to make a great outfit. We try to make this stuff as easy as possible.
*If you’re feeling especially gifted at pairing, try also experimenting with different pullovers in neutral colors.

Below you’ll find a few examples of what results the right pairing can provide. It’s pretty sweet.
Hover over pictures for details on the outfits:

Image sources:     Lookastic      Chez Rust      Hello His     Esra Sam Photography

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