As Long as I Got My Suit and Tie: 5 Suits That Every Man Needs

My good friend Justin Timberlake once said: “As long as I got my suit and tie, imma leave it all on the floor tonight.”


I think what he means is that when you’re wearing a suit, you have a particular swag about you that’s unmistakable. What that being said, here’s five suits that you absolutely need in your closet before the age of 30.

Navy Blue


Okay, let me just say this. A navy suit is the kind of thing that will make you look sharp as hell. There’s nothing more attractive than a guy who shows up in a fitted navy blue suit. Something about this color just works with almost everyone.

I love how the model is styled with suspenders that peek through, as well. His shoes match the hints of brown that are reflected in the tie, too. When styling yourself, it’s the little details that really count. You’d be surprised at how many people notice your socks.

“Nice socks man!”

“Thanks, man.” – An ideal conversation about socks between two guys.

You can’t be wearing a cool suit and then let the rest go to crap. It’s called committing to something. Fully commit to a navy blue suit and you’ll be surprised where it gets you in life.

Keeping it original with black

Executive Style

David Beckham: He’s got a babe of a wife, he makes like a gazillion dollars a year, and he’s stylish as hell. He’s the millionaire athlete family man that you’ll probs never be, but it’s a good goal to shoot for. At least get 2 out of 5.

You don’t have to be able to juggle a soccer ball to look good in a black suit, though. That’s one thing that already gives you major Beckham nods. The black suit is of course the most traditional suit of all. If you are more reluctant to get into colors, patterns, and all sorts of combinations, just keep it simple. You’re still going to look good AF with a tailored black suit.

Pair your suit with a traditional white button down. If you’re keeping it on the classy side, you don’t want to wear something ultra simple and then match it with an insane color combination and pattern like you just got out of clown school.


50 Shades of Charcoal Grey


There’s nothing like a grey suit that says, “I’m here for my four o’clock meeting, it’s Friday, I have a hot date, and I need to boot scoot out of here afterwards.” Grey is a formal color, without being too completely informal. You wouldn’t necessarily wear a grey suit to the Oscars, but gosh darnit you can wear it to your office holiday party.

You can dress this suit down to be more business casual, or pair it with a tie and handkerchief to dress it up a bit. I suppose a grey suit is kind of like a woman’s little black dress. You need one in your closet by the time you’re 30.

Match your grey suit with black dress shoes and other hints of gray and fun print combinations. Grey matches with about everything, so you can get a little bit funky with your ties, bow ties, suspenders, whatever.

Did you Bring the Tweed, Bro?

Tweed Addict

If I saw a real man wearing this suit in real life, I would honestly tackle him to the ground and demand to know what century he came from and if he could take me back with him. I’m am obsessed with this look and I guarantee you a whole hell of a lot of other women/men are, too. There’s something so chic about a guy who can pull off a classic tweed suit.

Look, I realize it’s not the 1920s anymore and wool/tweed can get really hot, but I kind of think it’s worth the risk. Get a good friend’s opinion before you release this new style out into the world. You could look like a member of a barber shop quartet if this isn’t executed in the correct manner. The photo above is styled to literal perfection and speaks considerably to the power of tweed. Just kind of follow what he’s doing.

Okay, officially wiping the drool off my face now.

Warning, Not for Everyone: The Statement Suit


Statement suits are not for everyone. I honestly think it’s all about your personality when it comes to getting this right. Are you confident? Is your style already a little bit out there? Are you pretty quirky? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can probably pull off a statement suit pretty well. Do not go for it if you have the personality of a damp sock.

I’m all for wearing a plaid suit. If I was a dude, I’d totally own one, along with a vast array of odd suspenders and bow ties. I think fashion is about ultimately wearing what makes you feel best. To hell with anyone who tells you that your statement suit is weird. I promise there’s a someone out there who’s going to love it!

Try a bold print or pattern if you don’t like the way plaid looks. Pair it with a plain colored undershirt and some classic-style leather shoes. I kind of love that the model is also wearing his nerdy glasses, too. It speaks to the person he is when he puts this suit on.

Either way, investing in a few great suits is definitely a confidence booster in your professional and personal life. When you look good, you feel good.

That’s a fact.