5 Musts for Looking Great in the City This Summer

It’s heating up in the city, so pack away all your old sweatshirts and replace them with something a bit more breathable. Don’t worry though, quite honestly, there’s only a few things that you’ll need to look like a stylish man amongst boys. The city is all about gritty vintage vibes and channeling your inner James Dean/sometimes Kid Rock.

Here’s a few pointers that’ll get you started:

Get Some Great Sunglasses.

Since it is now summer, you’re going to be wearing sunglasses quite often, so you might as well buy a good, reliable pair. I always opt for polarized, since I don’t want my eyeballs combusting into a ball of flames at some point during the day. If you have light colored eyes, this is essential. It’s been proven that you guys are much more sensitive to light.


Buying a cheap pair of sunglasses is a sure fire way to not look cool. I hate to break it to you, but shiny plastic is one of the most noticeable eyesores known to humankind. Go ahead and invest in a good pair of sunglasses that you can keep years on down the road. A pair of Rayban Clubmasters might cost $150.00, but they’ll never go out of style, so you really aren’t eating your money.

Jump on the Adidas Bandwagon.

I have no clue what caused Adidas to be hot sh*t again, but it is. They’ve done an incredible job rebranding themselves and bringing on cool celebs, who aren’t just athletes, to sport their look. It’s something that Nike hasn’t seemed to got down pat exactly, when it comes to their clothing line.

I have a pair of their nude-colored sneakers and I also have a shirt like the one featured above. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mixed and matched those two items for a cool, easy going summer look.

The brand isn’t crazy expensive either. Shirts run from about $30.00, while their shoes are anywhere between $80 and $125. Compared to their competitors, they are still moderately priced.

It’s definitely a look that you can dress up or down for a cool night out or a walk to the coffee shop down the street.

Yep, In your white t.

Look, a white T is going to be your essential go to on a hot summer day. A pair of dark jeans, black or denim, complements this bad boy look each and every time. With a pair of cool sunglasses, you’re going to be unstoppable.

I love wearing versatile outfits when I go out in the city, because brunch often turns into a huge night out, followed by an after party with some random people that you just met at The Bungalow. It can get weird, so you always want to prepare by wearing something that is appropriate for either Eggs Benedict or 9 shots of fireball.

You can’t go wrong with this look, but just make sure that you do yourself a favor and buy some nice, form-fitting t-shirts that you can grab on the go.

Go to Trim, and basically buy every t-shirt in every color. You’re going to need them this summer.

Keep Your Shorts Short.

There’s nothing that screams, “I’m an unfashionable man who is ready to go pick up my kids from baseball practice” like a man in a pair of ill-fitting long shorts. Long shorts are basically like the mid-length denim skirt of men’s fashion.

Go ahead and eliminate all pairs of long shorts from your collection of terrifying clothes. They’re out of style and weird looking.

I want to see some thighs, boys!

Get into the spirit by heading to your local J. Crew and letting them help you out in the tailored shorts department. The idea is to look rich, without having to be rich. I honestly consider spending money on good clothes to be an investment, because sure you could buy some sh*tty clothes from H&M, but one time in the wash and they’re done for. Nicely made clothes last a long time and they stay in fashion longer.

Do what I’m saying and you’ll reap the rewards.

Look a Bit Dirty.

In LA, fashion is kind of grimy. The dirtier you look as a man, the more money your outfit probably costs. I recently saw a guy in this beat up all black ensemble, yet he somehow looked really cool and super stylish.

So I say, throw on a baseball cap, old t-shirt, your new Adidas shoes that I just mentioned, some short shorts, and step out of the house for some breakfast and a full hydration session.

Don’t be scared to look a little bummy after a big night out. You’ll fit right in with the rest of everyone else who just woke up from a huge night of partying. That’s what the city is for after all, right? 

We won’t judge you. Hell, we’re doing the same thing.