Grooming for the modern man

Full head of hair or receding hairline? A face full of hair or just a few whiskers? It doesn’t matter…good grooming habits are important to every man no matter what your hair story is. Why is grooming important? Not only is it part of keeping up with your personal hygiene, you don’t want your scraggly nose hairs being the focal point of an important business meeting or distracting your romantic date right when you’re leaning in for the kiss. You don’t want to be the one who “let himself go” especially when you can implement a simple weekly routine, nothing too fancy, to keep a fresh and clean look.
Let’s start from the top:

Your Hair

We’re talking about on top of your head. We’re not going to get into hair styles because there are so many options out there and there isn’t one right way to have your hair cut. One thing is for sure, no matter what hairstyle you have, make sure your the hair on the back of your neck isn’t out of control. Keep it trimmed! Unless you sport long hair, don’t let your hair get involved with your ears, too. If it’s long enough to slick back behind your ears, great, if not, make sure you keep your hair nice and trimmed around your ears. You’ll be surprised how keeping your the hair off your neck and ears will give you a much more polished look. Stick with a pomade or creme (no LA Gel). Kevin Murphy has an amazing line of styling products for all types styling. Russ from Parlour & Juke Nashville suggests Kevin Murphy’s Gritty Business. Schedule regular hair appointments to keep you on track. There are many hip and modern barbershop/salons these days where you can have someone help with great tips and help you stay on top of your fresh look.


Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to make waxing appointments. You’re okay with a little bit of a bushy eyebrow, you’re a man! But, if you’ve got a heavy unibrow, spend a few minutes with your tweezers once a week. Don’t go overboard as to make your eyebrows so far apart from each other, just clean them up ever so slightly. If you’re eyebrows resemble that of a wizard and the actual hairs are long and scraggly, trim them with grooming scissors and invest in either eyebrow wax or gel to keep them tame. Suavecito carries a wonderful grooming wax stick.


There is no shame in having nose or ear hairs…it’s part of life, especially as we get older. What you don’t want is for anyone to really see them sticking out of said holes. While you’re spending a couple minutes tweezing your unibrow, invest in a nose/ear trimmer. You can get one for $20 and it takes just a minute to do.

Facial Hair

perfect stubble
^Like this guy

These days, the stubble is the new clean shave. Now, if you like to keep a clean shave every day, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you’re ahead of the grooming game! If you have some good facial hair without being too patchy you can try out the following:

The Stubble: There is an art to the stubble. It is overall easy to maintain, but you ride a fine line of looking disheveled if you don’t stay on top of it. You’ll have to maintain the shape with a razor and the length with clippers or a beard trimmer.

The Beard or Stache: You’ll definitely want to make sure you can grow a good amount of hair, mainly volume over length. A groomed man usually doesn’t sport a patchy beard or scraggly mustache. If you’re going to commit to a beard or mustache, take care of it! There are many great products out there on the market for your facial mane like beard or mustache wax. Along with the earlier product recommendations who also carry facial hair products, Lucky Scruff  based out of Nashville carries an awesome beard oil. Beard Brandalso has great products and they also have some fun grooming kits.

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what your routine should look like. You know how fast your hair grows, so make a weekly plan for yourself. One thing to make sure to do is gently exfoliate at least once a week. This will help your skin look renewed and remove any dry skin around your eyebrows or any other facial hair. The dry peeling look isn’t really in right now…or ever.


It’s a good idea to get a manicure and pedicure at least once a month. This doesn’t make you any less of man, it actually will exude manliness. You’ll get a relaxing hand and foot massage, get those dry and cracked cuticles taken care of, and will have a polished (not literally nail polish) and clean look. IF you’re really not wanting to go that distance for your paws, make sure you keep your nails trimmed always. Unless you’re a classical guitarist, you do NOT need your nails to be long, at all. Clean the dirt from under your nails (the black-under-the-nail look is never attractive), and put lotion or salve on your fingertips and toes at night to keep from dry and cracked cuticles. Check out Jack Ranger Co. all natural hand salve.

Smell Good

Last but not least, you gotta smell good. It starts with a good body wash, deodorant that works for you, and a not-too-overwhelming cologne. Subtle but clean smells are best for all of those. Remember, body odor comes primarily from bacteria and poor hygiene…come on dudes, don’t let it get there. Finding a cologne – Not every cologne smells the same on everyone, so make sure you get samples of your go-to fragrance before putting down the bucks on it. You don’t necessarily have to spend lots of money on an expensive cologne, but if that’s what smells amazing on your skin, it’s a worthy investment. If Axe Body Spray is all you’ve ever known, expand your horizons and spend an hour at the fragrance department and have an expert take you through different colognes.

Some Nashville area barbershops we recommend and who are very helpful and carry many of the great products we’ve mentioned above:

Scout’s Barbershop in East Nashville

Brave on 8th Avenue

Parlour & Juke in Southern Broadway (SoBro)

You’ve got this! Keep your edge – All it takes is a plan, finding the right products for you, and a small commitment to staying on top of your grooming game. You’ll feel great about spending that extra little time on taking care of yourself and so will others around you.