The Flirting Guide for Guys via Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino. One of our favorite lifestyle gurus and style aficionados. We have worked with him in the past and always appreciate his excellent videos. Today, we are sharing one of our favorites along with some notes from our female creative director, to see if she agrees with the points. You can see her responses marked with an R: for Ryan.



  • #1.  Do they have a ring on their finger? Yes? Move the hell on. Don’t be the cause of a shipwreck. No ring? Perfect, you’re good to go.

R: I am 100% about this life. It shows respect for a woman as well as the man who has been lucky enough to grab her.

  • #2. Glance over every few minutes in an attempt to catch their eye. Don’t stare (that’s creepy). Once you catch their eye, give a small smirk, then look away.
  • Glance over again, catch their eye, then laugh as if you were caught in the act.

R: Yeah, this sounds about right. This method is cute, slightly flippant– plus smiles are infectious. Nothing is more creepy than feeling as if a guy is trying to perform a voodoo charm on you by not breaking a stare.

  • #3. Go & introduce yourself and then give them a compliment. Remember: Be confident and prepared. Look them in the eye when you do this.

R: A lot of men like to skirt away from the compliment, wanting to come off as hard to get. That tactic comes off as arrogant. Women do this too, unfortunately. We don’t want to like a man who we feel isn’t willing to say something nice. The compliment can be as simple as “I couldn’t help but notice, but you have a very infectious smile.” Someone told that to me once and it made my day. As Alpha M suggests, avoid the sexual compliment at first. Nothing creeps me out more than that.

  • #4. Know when to end the conversation. Don’t linger too long. If you’ll see this person again (co-worker, friend of a friend, etc), then walk away. If this is a chance meeting and you don’t want to test fate, time to ask for their number. If they are hesitant or say no, move on with an “I understand, it was nice to meet you. Have a lovely night.”

R: Knowing when to end the conversation and not stretch it to the point where you’re standing there in silence is pivotal. I’ve thought a guy was cute and spent some time talking to him but then, as conversation slowed significantly, he began following me around without actually participating in any kind of communication.  This comes off as desperate. So basically, yes, quick convo is key. I also appreciate Alpha’s approach to the “no.” You’re gonna get told “no” sometimes. That is the worst thing that can happen. It’s not like one of your fingers is going to fall off and it doesn’t mean you suck as a human being. So, even when a woman says no, there are plenty of others who will give you the yes! No point getting too bummed about it. 

Bottom line, sometimes approaching a girl you find attractive might give you some weird feelings. Light-headedness and nausea being two of them. But, as a woman who appreciates a bold guy, nothing is more fantastic than a confident guy who isn’t afraid to approach a woman he finds attractive. Remember, most woman will consider this pretty amazing and you could get some pretty fantastic results. Thank you, Antonio– for being spot on.

Content from: Alpha M’s Youtube