New Year New s*%t to actually stick to

Every year, the world– or maybe it’s just the United States — gets all gung-ho on the whole New Years resolutions thing. All aboard the S.S. Never-Get-Things-Done, and we will ride into the sunset all together.

This is just part of life. Every years’ beginning, we have learned to laugh at people when they say the classic “I’m going to lose weight” ….or the reaching “I’m going to learn to X,” or the (usually) nonsensical “I’m going to visit at least 10 countries this year.”


Why do we laugh?

The reason it’s so laughable is because people don’t take themselves seriously enough anymore. It’s hard to hold yourself to something that puts you out of your comfort zone, so, so many out there are afraid to really strive to meet their goals because it’s flat out uncomfortable.

Why don’t we laugh when we set goals? Because when we do, we don’t do it lightly. When we say we aren’t going to eat pizza every other night anymore, we mean it. And you know what? We haven’t (though it hasn’t been easy).

We like to set more realistic goals. We don’t say “I’m going to lose 50 lbs of fat and gain 30 lbs of muscle” because that just isn’t realistic. We set goals that are possible, strive assuming we know our best, and aim to achieve them. We don’t want to laugh at ourselves later when we are working to better who we are as dudes. 

What our team here at Trim & Von Braune likes to do is vision board. As much as some men haven’t ever heard of it (or have and like to scoff), we find it to be extremely beneficial. Just ask our founder, Mike Zeller, about it. He swears his reality was contributed by vision boarding– just ask his Tesla.

But don’t though, it’s a car and can’t answer. Believe me, I’ve tried.

One of our favorite vision boarding guides comes from a good friend of ours– you can find it here. The page even comes with a template for your vision board along with ideas for how to make your vision into a reality. It covers family, fitness, travel, relationships… the whole shebang.

Next time you decide you want to set a goal, don’t laugh at yourself. Go head first into the great unknown and kick it’s ass. Vision board it. Talk about it and hold yourself accountable. We know you can do it.

/pep talk.