7 Men’s Influencers every man needs to know

What a vast and wondrous world it is we live in today. Besides the fact that many of us can’t put our phones down and technology is taking place of what used to be considered “normal tasks”, the next leader of our country could soon be either the first female elected or the first celebrity bonehead brought in as the President of the United States. Yes, things are changing rapidly. However this doesn’t mean that traditional habits and learnings have to be ignored. A good thing to know as men is that there are still a solid amount of influencers who can help us along the path to becoming the type of men we want to be.

Here’s some guys I really look up to and admire. They’ve been changing the sphere of what it means to be a man for some time, and there’s no guarantee they’ll slow down in the near future.



Antonio Centeno is the president of ATailoredSuit.com and the founder of RealMenRealStyle.com. His endless knowledge of men’s style has led to over 700 published articles and videos, and the Internet’s best-selling personal presentation course. Antonio is also a powerful leader who is dedicated to helping redefine the meaning of masculinity in the modern world. His YouTube channel is a staple to the menswear influencer category today.

Antonio is also the co-founder of an annual men’s influencer style event called StyleCon. Influential men in the menswear/lifestyle category come from all over the nation to attend, gaining knowledge from their many counterparts and colleagues.

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills and knowledge of the menswear industry, check out RealMenRealStyle.



Aaron is the owner and CEO of Alpha M. Image Consulting and IamAlphaM, a men’s lifestyle and personal development company. In the past 7 years he’s helped thousands of men with fashion, personal development, image, grooming, dating and style through his ever growing YouTube Channel.

Aaron has been a part of many publications and guest appearances on television and radio programs locally and nationally, most notably on the hit tv show Shark Tank featuring his StyleSystem dvd collection. He is also the author of “The Male Style Guide, the creator of M. Apparel, and a co-founder of StyleCon. As if having 3 successful business ventures wasn’t enough.

This is a guy who was truly born to help men realize their passions and potential. Growing up in a family with financial struggles, he had to make due with wearing clothes from discount stores and thrift shops. It’s inspiring to see where his drive and initiative has taken him over the years.

In the words of Aaron, IamAlphaM “Doesn’t sell products, we sell confidence.”


AJ Harbinger is the CEO and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a podcast out of Hollywood, California dedicated to helping men strategize ways to improve their love life, career, confidence, and lifestyle. AOC is among the top 50 podcasts on iTunes and has been featured in Men’s Health, The Huffington Post, and Time magazine.

As a graduate from the University of Michigan with a Ph.D in cancer biology, Aj had no previous knowledge of personal development plans or self-image consulting before founding The Art of Charm. Thus, he used his biology background to utilize the scientific method to progress his book reading and infield experience on the subjects.

Aj and his team’s knowledge and teachings of social dynamics are far and few between. Make sure to go and give The Art of Charm Podcast a listen. You’ll inevitably be inspired and enlightened, I guarantee it.


Eric launched Beardbrand in 2012 as a way to bring together a community of modern beardsmen in style and comfort. The overall goal being, to help men feel confident about growing and having a beard, and ending any stereotype that guys with beards are unkempt and lazy.

What started as a small YouTube channel, blog, and tumblr with Eric using his expertise on the subject, has since grown to new heights through various incredible opportunities. With only a day before an article came out written by The New York Times about the brand, Eric and his team quickly assembled a store to get the company on its feet.

What some would account to as a trivial matter, Eric has turned into a lifestyle brand and grooming product standout. Featured on SharkTank similarly to Marino (ie. Aaron Marino, featured above), Eric went home without a business investment from one of the sharks. However, the exposure tripled Beardbrand’s sales in November of 2014.

Eric is a prime example of the drive and persistence it takes to break into a niche market. For all you beard connesouirs out there, go give Eric and his brand a long look. Don’t fear the beard.



Sven Raphael Schneider is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Gentleman’s Gazette. Born in Germany but currently in the US, Sven’s first acknowledgment of an interest in style came at the age of 14 with his first collection of fountain pens. His desire to learn more about them and recognizing the worth of a well-made pen, is what eventually developed his knowledge and expertise in all things menswear.

With a keen eye for traditional elegance and what some might deem as “old school”, Sven has created a collection of vintage suits and notable works on all sorts of apparel from the 20th century. Classic style is hard to come by in today’s age, and Sven is putting his stamp on not only what traditional menswear used to be, but what it could become with a little elbow grease.

For all things classic to modern menswear, check out Gentleman’s Gazette. Be about the movement!


Andy started Primer Magazine with a mission to help 20-somethings make the difficult transition from broke college kid to actual adulthood, one of the most relatable missions currently. With a vision devoted to helping the younger generation’s struggles, Primer highlights topics like career successions, how to deal with relationships, and of course.. modern menswear.

With some of the most crucial decisions coming in every mans mid twenties, Andy wanted to create a voice that could speak to directly to his audience. Since growing up Andy had to piece together different articles and write-ups pertaining to these types of issues.

If you’re looking to gain the confidence to sweep a woman off of her feet, impress an otherwise reluctant boss, or simply wanting to look good/feel good, go give Primer a read. Andrew and his team are here to help those going through a quarter-life crisis and remind them that things will get better. There is no such thing as a setback, there are only adjustments.

Barron is from San Francisco, CA and is the founder and editor of Effortless Gent, his goal is to help normal guys find their unique and personal style + feel confident about their attire. EG helps nail down a consistent and concise wardrobe, they want the basics of your style to become a part of your everyday agenda. You shouldn’t have to trifle through copious amounts of old clothes when a minimal wardrobe can suffice for a consistent masculine look. This is otherwise know as Barron’s “Lean Wardrobe”.

Barron does want to help men like you and I focus on becoming better men and help us to understand basic fashion fundamentals, but he also wants to express that simple style is a personal process and is completely up to to the particular individual. In other words he lays the groundwork and provides the info needed, but you have to dig deep and figure things out for yourself. That’s what style is all about, figuring things out for yourself.

Check out Effortless Gent for all style tips and tricks, it should relieve you of some of the simple stresses guys like you deal with every day.


Hopefully you’ll take my advice and start following all of these superb influencers, you could really learn a lot from them. I sure have. Just remember to keep your goals in focus, have a plan, and keep a clear and consistent mind set. We’re all going to take a different path through this life, it just depends on where you want to end up and where you’re headed.

Take it from me, a comfort zone is everywhere you don’t want to be.

-Mike Zeller