Workout Must-haves make a difference

Whether you’re just getting into working out or you’ve been in tip top shape for years, one thing is for sure: what you wear when you’re sweating and grunting makes a big difference. Wouldn’t you agree? You have to be comfortable, feel good about yourself, and you don’t want to worry about your iPhone dropping and your earbuds being yanked out of your ears while you’re in the zone. You’ve committed yourself to health, you’re taking care of yourself, and you deserve to invest in great gear that will motivate and encourage this positive part of your life.

Here are a few MUST HAVE pieces (some brand spankin’ new to the market) for your healthy lifestyle:


1. Kippo Shorts

Running shorts with a pocket specifically for your phone or music device – seriously, a no brainer purchase. They started off on Kickstarter and have over-achieved their goal because their product is STELLAR and made here in the U.S. Check out their video:



2. Tucker and Bloom Duffle Bag


If you take your workouts to the gym before heading into work or in between meetings, you’ll need a durable bag to put your items in. These are high quality bags that will stand the test of time. With a lifetime warranty, you can choose from a duffle bag like the one above, or smaller bags, depending on how much you bring to the gym.


3. Public Rec Pants


You are going to want to get your hands on these “All day, every day” pants, made in the U.S. of A. A new twist on workout pants that also look good and not frumpy to wear during the day. Check em out here.


4. Happy Feet:

First off, if you’re going to shower at the gym, PLEASE bring a pair of flip flops. Any quick drying flip flop will do, but if you need a recommendation, the Power Sandal from Havianas are great.

Now, when it comes to the shoes you’re going to be working out in, there are so many great brands to choose from, but every pair of feet are different and need a specific type of support depending on how you work out.  Check out the infographic below to help you decide what kind of shoe you should be wearing.

Workout shoe


5. HydraCoach Water Bottle:

water bottle

This water bottle calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration. Doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers all recommend that we drink more water yet there has never been a device to help us adhere to the expert’s recommendations. Read more about it here.


6. SWAV Apparel T-Shirt:

A light, breathing Tri-Blend T-Shirt that you can wear to the gym. SWAV rests over the heart so everyone knows what you represent, (SWAV is the mentality and action of the overachiever) and “overachieve” reads in all caps on your back so people know what you do. Try this one on and it will quickly become your favorite shirt you own. Made in the U.S.A.


Treat yourself. Invest in the clothes you wear and the products you use while doing something good for your body and mind, embracing the lifestyle of being active.